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What can Facial Acupuncture do for me?

A Natural Face "Lift"

As a natural face lift and cosmetic treatment without surgery, Facial Acupuncture uses traditional natural medicine principles to help reduce anxiety, calm the mind and encourages better quality sleep. This specialist acupuncture programme balances your overall sense of wellbeing whilst improving circulation, by eliminating toxins, relaxing facial tension and toning the look and feel of your skin.

Challenges from prolonged everyday stress, along with our normal ageing processes can contribute to ill-health and have a detrimental effect your face and body. Over time this may cause changes in your face such as "break outs", conjunctivitis, hay fever symptoms, facial tics, sinusitis, fine lines, sagging skin, neuropathy, dark patches, wrinkles.

Initial appointment including consultation £170.00
Follow up appointments from £100.00

Free initial consultation on 6 appointments booked and paid in advance


Contact Delta - 07751908414

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