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To ensure the health and safety of both our customers and beauty professionals, we have trained our beauty professionals to prioritise hygiene and sanitisation.

All of our professionals will deliver the following stringent hygiene protocols at every appointment:

On the morning of the booking, your professional will sign in to the Covid Symptom Tracker app to confirm they’re not showing symptoms of Covid-19. Professionals will not work if they are unwell. We are advising our professionals to drive, cycle or walk to the appointment if they can.


If they take public transport they must wear a face mask, keep 2 metres apart from others where possible and carry a hand sanitiser. On arrival your beauty professional will be wearing a mask and introduce themselves at the door.


All shoes and personal items will be left at the door. Please show your beauty professional to the service area you have prepared. This should be close to the entrance or well ventilated by open doors or windows. Plus, ensure other members of your household are not in the same room during your service.


Your professional will wash their hands and forearms thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with their own personal antibacterial soap.Your professional will wear a mask during the service. For an extra precaution, they will offer to wear a disposable apron and disposable gloves if you require it.


Your professional will prepare and re-sanitise any equipment needed for your service and prepare the service area with a disposable covering.


As an extra check, your professional will offer to take their own temperature.You will be asked to listen and respond verbally to the consultation and hygiene checklist. Your professional will wash their hands and forearms thoroughly before and after the service and in between people if it’s a group booking.


Any equipment used in the service will be sanitised and the service area wiped down and cleared of any residue.Your professional will collect and take any rubbish with them. For an extra precaution, after your beauty professional has left, please sanitise any surface areas, door knobs etc they came into contact with during their visit.

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